Gabor Stramb

I’m Gabor Stramb and I am a PMP certified professional since 2018. 11 years of PM experience. Holding MS degree in Project Management by George Washington University. Passionate about project management and help people to pass CAPM and PMP exams.

Personal Story

If you reached our website it either means you are committed to pass the PMP exam by the first try or it may mean you did not pass your PMP by the first try.

Either way, I can assure you, you are not alone. I’ve been there by myself. I remember preparing for my first exam. I felt prepared and in the training center I struggled. Used all of my time and in the end, I failed.

You cannot even imagine how disappointed I was, in the top of that all of my colleagues passed except me. It took me 1 year to get over the “embarrassment” and be motivated again. What I realized that I was not having a solid plan and overall understanding the big picture and PMI-ism.

What I’m about to share with you is the way how I prepared for the exam. I will show you the tools, check lists and work sheets I developed during preparation.

Again, you may feel discouraged, many PMPs earned their credentials after more than one attempts.

Here are the key items you have to focus on:

  • Focus on process groups and knowledge are mapping. This is where our unique spreadsheet will help you to gain confidence and end-to-end understanding.
  • You need to ensure you have a “good” PMP online simulator in-place to be able to test your knowledge. My recommendation to choose a tool which can provide not only exam simulation (multiple set of 200 questions) but also questions grouped by knowledge areas. Question bank size should be above 800 to be on the safe side.
  • Practice exam questions in smaller chunks. Start with answering 20 question at the time and start gradually increase the amount to the point when you can do 100 questions by one go with any losing focus and around 90 minutes in duration. Why it is so important, because, you need practice how to maintain you focus for a long period of time. This is a skill which you can build by practicing day in and day out. And by the way that’s how I succeeded.
  • Develop an approach, how you will answer questions. Well, most of you will think, this is a waste of time. But let me explain. PMI will challenge you with every single question, it means you have 4 answers for every single question. If you are prepared well, you will be eliminating two answers easily and quickly. Which leaves you choose from two answer and find the “best” that fits the most for the question. And this is exactly the point where strategy kicks in. If you mark your answer and move on to the next one, but on the meanwhile you ready the new question and you still think about the previous one, you should stop and go back and find the right answer where you have doubt. This way you save energy and focus on the question that is present on the screen. On the exam you have little bit more than 1 minute to answer questions which means, you must be fast. I’m not suggesting marking questions where you have doubts and review later. The concern is the number, if you have more than 10-15 questions marked to review later it is not healthy. All-in-all focus on always the question front of you on the screen and choose the best answer. You must be confident.

Taking the exam is not easy. It requires lot of preparation, not to mention, if you are not a native English person there is a language barrier which you have to go through.

For those who not able to pass the exam by the first try realization of failure is most difficult factor. We suggest retaking the exam soon to ensure you keep the focus. Many people have to ramp up the studies after months away from regular learning schedule. So, if you fail the exam, don’t get depressed, you can pass it on your second attempt.

The exam is passable, but it is critical to plan your study approach.

Purpose of establishing Projectcertifications was to provide you with a consolidated source of material that, used together with the PMBOK® Guide and your experiences as a project manager, should be all you need to pass the PMP exam. To help you succeed and to make effective use of your study time.