Challenging questions for the PMP Exam – 007

Communications Management

The project has 13 team members and affects more than 15 departments in the organization. Because the project is 20 percent complete to date and the team has had successful performance reports from five of the affected departments, the project manager holds a party to celebrate. The project manager invites key stakeholders from all of the departments to the party in order to give those providing good reviews an informal opportunity to communicate good things to those departments that have not yet been affected by the project. At the party, the project manager walks around to try to discover any relevant information that would help her make the project even more successful. She happens to hear a manager of one of the departments talking about setting up more regular meetings on the project. The best thing for the project manager to do would be to first:

A. Record the effectiveness of the party in the project lessons learned.

B. Review the effectiveness of the project’s communications management plan.

C. Hold a meeting of all the stakeholders to discuss their concerns.

D. Make sure the manager has a copy of the communications management plan so that he is reminded that such concerns should be sent to the project manager.

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