PMP Exam – Procurement Management – 002

Procurement Management is the process of selecting, monitoring and closing vendor contracts.
For some people it is extremely difficult and for others just peanuts.


You have just received an invoice from your supplier that contains some uncertified items. Payments to the supplier are processed through your corporate accounts payable system only after certification of satisfactory work by the project quality control specialist. What should you do?

  • A. Process the supplier’s invoice since this is your liability
  • B. Ask the supplier to stop all deliveries until the matter has a resolution
  • C. Call the supplier and obtain more information
  • D. Seek judicial arbitration

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  1. gstramb Post author

    Correct answer is
    Explanation: The supplier could have sent the invoice by error/mistake or some other reasons.
    The first step is to clarify with the supplier. Call the supplier and obtain more information before you take any other action.

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