PMP Exam – Professional and Social Responsibility

Respect – directly resolve conflicts

Fairness – do not discriminate

Honesty – be truthful

Responsible – unethical activities should be reported

Here is the next challenging question for you:

You have always been asked by your management to cut your project cost estimates by 10 percent after you have submitted them. The scope of your new project is unclear, and there are over 30 stakeholders. Management expects a 25 percent reduction in downtime as a result of the project. Which of the following is the best course of action in this situation?

A. Replan to achieve a 35% improvement in downtime.

B. Reduce the estimate, and note the change in the risk response plan.

C. Provide an accurate estimate of the actual costs, and be able to support it.

D. Meet with the team to identify where you can find 15 percent savings.

1 thought on “PMP Exam – Professional and Social Responsibility

  1. gstramb Post author

    Correct Answer is C.
    Explanation: This is a common problem on projects.
    If your estimates are accurate, you are ethically bound to stand by them.
    Management only option to cut cost is to support the project manager in looking for alternatives related to all project constraints.

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