PMP Exam Question

Laurence is the PMO manager at ANZ Company. The CEO of the company asked Laurence to review the business requirements and develop the current year’s capital management plan.
The capital management plan will outline the key business deliverables (capital projects) and will go to the board for final approval.
Which of the following organizational artifacts should Laurence review to analyze the business requirements for the current fiscal year?

A. Lessons Learned
B. Capital budget for the current year
C. Organizational Process Assets
D. Organizational Strategy

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  1. gstramb Post author

    Correct Answer is D.
    Capital planning is the process of budgeting resources for the future of an organization’s long term plans.
    Capital planning for a business would include budgeting for new and replacement machinery, research and development and the production of new products, new plants and other major capital projects.
    Capital projects can only achieve the organizational goals when they are aligned with the organization’s strategy.
    PMBOK page 12.

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