PMP Exam Question – Integration Management

You have recently become the project manager for a construction project.
You are a new hire in your company and are unaware of the organizational project management standards.
Which of the following can help you get a head start on your project?

A. Communicate with other project managers in your organization
B. Review the PMBOK guide thoroughly
C. Develop the project charter and get it approved
D. Consult the lessons learned from your previous similar projects

1 thought on “PMP Exam Question – Integration Management

  1. Stramb Gabor

    Correct answer is A.
    Reviewing the PMBOK guide or developing the charter will not help you come on board with your organization’s work standards.
    Further, reviewing the lessons learned from you past similar projects won’t help since you are a new hire in the company and your past projects are not with this organization.
    The best way is to talk to other project managers in the company and get their expert opinion.
    PMBOK, Page 58.

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