PMP Exam Question – Scope Management

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You have a project in which you are responsible for building a condo complex in a resort town. The project is expected to take two years to complete.
During your work breakdown structure meeting, you have decomposed many deliverables into work packages and schedule activities.
However, there are some work packages that will occur a year from now, so you have elected not to decompose those deliverables and work packages at this time.
This is an example of what tool or technique?

A. Scope Creep
B. Poor Planning
C. Rolling Wave Planning
D. Time-delayed Decomposition

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  1. Stramb Gabor

    Correct answer is C, rolling wave planning.

    Rolling wave planning is a form of progressive elaboration and is used when the project management team does not have enough information for a phase or deliverable that will occur far into the future.

    PMBOK, Page 160.

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