PMP Exam – Stakeholder Management – 002

The right level engagement with your Stakeholders are crutual.

David’s project has successfully started and all critical roadblock are removed. One of the stakeholder moved to a new assignment, therefore his leading role switched to supportive role. What is David’s next step once the 1st version of the project stakeholder register is developed?

  • A. Start to identify stakeholders.
  • B. Execute the stakeholder engagement strategy as defined in the stakeholder register.
  • C. Start the development of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan.
  • D. Finalize the project management plan before developing the stakeholder engagement strategy.

1 thought on “PMP Exam – Stakeholder Management – 002

  1. Stramb Gabor

    Correct answer is C.
    The project management plan cannot be finalized until all the other subsidiary plans, including the stakeholder engagement plan, are finalized.
    Stakeholder Register is the output of Identify Stakeholder process, the next step will be Plan Stakeholder Engagement process.

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