The #1 question most student ask?

The no 1 question most student ask?

How can I bring my pass % into the 75-80% range before the exam?

I have all the study resources I need. PMBOK, PMP prep book(maybe Rita 9th edition, Head first PMP), Mock Exam Simulator like pm-prepcast, but still:

I’m answering most of the questions without being sure of the answers I was giving (at a point I was asking myself if I was even understanding the questions).

Questions are too long and I not able pick the “best” answer.

If you are in similar situation, I have a solution for You.

Solution is One-on-One Mentoring.

What you need is a focused approach to better understand PMI-ism, how process groups are connected to knowledge areas.

Better understand the process flow to spot the “best” answer right away. And improve your pass percentage into the 75-80% range.

Reach 80% or above pass precentage, it is doable, I failed PMP exam 2 times before I find a Mentor who helped me to improve.
If you are,

just starting PMP journey?

or already have an exam date in 3-5 weeks?

or failed PMP by the first try?

Join PMP Exam Mentoring program to ace the exam and get your PMP certificate.

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